Most people think that their current coverage through work, or personal insurance plans cover you while abroad. In most cases domestic insurance carriers hold little to no coverage nor knowledge on how to administer an international claim. Avoid this financial trap while overseas. Take a close look at your current benefits and give yourself confidence that your covered properly for your next trip.

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Most people buy life insurance policies for many reasons; to protect their loved one financially, to ensure lifestyles, buy/sell agreements, handling final expenses or leaving a legacy for everyone to remember. However, what happens when you survive a life-threatening event, such a devastating accident, a critical illness like a heart disease or cancer. Does your life insurance policy pay you to live? Or are you looking for alternative ways to guarantee retirement income and have insurance too?


International Travel Medical & Specialty Risk Management 

Insurance Services

Protect Your Family & Estate

Health & Financial Risk


  • Medicare Supplement Plans

Offering the top 3 lowest rates in your area. Close the gaps in your Medicare plan.

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

$0 Premium to very low Premium plans available by your county. Low co-pays and additional benefits that original Medicare does not cover.

  • Part D Prescription Plans

Let us match your prescription needs to the correct plan. Each company's medication lists vary.

  • Long Term Care

Traditional LTC policies are too expensive and no longer offer lifetime benefits. Ask us about self-funding LTC plans. If you don't use your funds, you don't lose them.

  • Take advantage of new "Living Benefits"available within new life insurance plans.

Example:)  John, age 48, purchased $100,000 term policy. 2 years later, he survived his heart attack and needed funds. His policy allowed him to withdraw 90% of the death benefit, or $90,000 cash to take care of his medical emergency expenses.

Critical Illnesses. Long Term Care. Disability

All - in - 1 - Plan = Cost Savings to Customer

  • Need Retirement Alternatives?

Offering guaranteed 4.5% tax-deferred interest with permanent universal life policies.

  • Paycheck Protection

Have You Insured Your #1 Asset? -Your Income 

  • Medical & Financial Bridge Program

Close the gaps in your healthcare management. Major There are too many indirect costs of being hurt or sick, out of work, gaps in major medical policies, and critical illnesses - all of these lead to the reason why #1 reason for bankruptcies is related to medical bills and loss of income.

Affordable Care Act Plan Alternatives

  • Short-term Health Plans
  • ​Health Share Ministry Plans
  • Supplemental Coverage Options

Give me an opportunity to earn your business!

 I enjoy working with people, bettering these lives by providing peace of mind and security. There is no obligation to talk to me. Ask me the hard questions others won't answer. I operate at full transparency on your behalf. I work for you, not the insurance companies.

 Let me help you save money and shop your rates, and design the best plan that fits your insurance needs. I stand out from the competition. Let me prove it. 

-Erick Waltz

There is nothing affordable about the Affordable Care Act. That is the truth. If you qualify or do not qualify for a tax-subsidy, our services can still help you navigate through your 2017 options and alternatives. We offer cost effective plan alternatives, typically 1/3 cost of an ACA exchange plan. Additionally, our unique Medical & Financial Bridge Program closes the gaps in your healthcare, potentially reducing or eliminating your financial exposure and risk.

  • Vacations, Business Travelers, Students, Backpackers, Frequent Travelers and Church/Missionary Trips.
  • International Medical Coverage & Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation
  • Trip Protection Plan Options Available
  • 24/7 Claims & Travel Assistance
  • Direct Payments to Providers. No Hassles about Reimbursements.
  • Specialty Plans & Group Plans Available upon request.

Are you new to Medicare, turning 65? Let us help you navigate your Medicare Plan options with ease and simplicity. 

If you already are on Medicare and have experienced significant rates increases, take advantage potentially qualifying for the same plan with a lower rate.

All Medicare supplements are standardized by USA Federal Law. Therefore, the only difference is price. Why keep overpaying for the Medicare Supplement? If you are concerned about your prescription costs or heard about Medicare Advantage, let us compare plans and do the shopping for you!

Medicare Beneficiaries


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